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Moroccan news agency finalist in global media awards

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Frankfurt, 21.03.2019, 18:46 Uhr
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Frankfurt [ENA] Ten Arab media, including the Moroccan news Agency MAP, are among the finalists for the World Digital Media Awards whose winners will be announced at the WAN-IFRA World News Media Congress in Glasgow in June. According to the publishers organization the awards is the news industry's only truly global digital media competition. The global winners will be chosen from the champions of last year’s regional contests.

WAN-IFRA said that the competition span the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and South Asia and that 700 projects were entered in ten categories including Best Digital Project to Engage Younger and / or Millennial Audiences; Best Marketing Campaign for News Brand; Best in Social Media Engagement; Best Digital News Start-up; Best Native Advertising / Branded Content Campaign; Best News Website or Mobile Service; Best in Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment Website or Mobile Services; Best Use of Online Video; Best Data Visualization and Best Paid Content Strategy.

The 74 winners selected in the 2018 round of the contest included the following Arab participants: Launch of Young Times, Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates (UAE); Tiffany & Co in collaboration with, Hia Magazine, Saudi Research & Publishing Co, UAE; Rudaw 100 Million Users, Rudaw Media Network, Iraq;, Sayidaty Magazine, UAE; McDonald's Taskita Menu, Ethos Interactive, Saudi Arabia;, Moroccan News Agency MAP, Morocco; Smart Newspaper, Al Bilad EST, Saudi Arabia; Hia Magazine Website, Hia Magazine, Saudi Research & Publishing Co, UAE; The National, UAE; VAT Calculator, Khaleej Times, UAE.

MAP won in the Best News Website or Mobile Service category with its entry, leaving two media organizations from South Africa as runners up. The agency has been making headway with its Internet products since 1997 when the Secretary General of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), Farid Ayar, asked the German development organization FES to consult MAP on the way forward. In his report the expert advised that plans for the historic archive should advance, and that news pictures might be included for attractive packages of illustrated current and historic features not only for the media but also for international organizations that would pay royalties. MAP could thus develop into a new role as information broker.

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